We are blessed to say that since 2001, our group was officially granted a non-for-profit, tax exempt status [501(c)(3)]. This has provided grants for special opportunities for the children & the future growth.

Our wholehearted desire is to encourage and promote opportunities that will develop skills through sports, academics, and other creative activities for homeschooling families.

For 25 years we have been accomplishing these goals in a safe and healthy learning environment, working in a co-operative effort. Together we provide group instruction with a variety of sports, classes, and activities in a Christ-like atmosphere.


What we're all about

South Suburban Homeschool & Gym Group Inc.

Year Book

It was in 1988, three home schooling moms were prompted to set aside one day a week as a gym day to make sure that their children would benefit from much needed exercise. Each mom taught a different sport every month. Other families began to join in the same effort, and in 1995, co-operative classes were introduced to accommodate the large growth of the group. To optimize the sports skills being taught, there was a need to divide up the students according to their age. While the younger students had their physical education, the older students attended co-operative classes then switched.

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We are a Cooperative group dedicated to providing healthy opportunities for the home school community through physical education, socialization, and creative classes.
We are working together to exponentially add value to families by investing
and sharing our God given talents each week.
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"And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men." Colossians 3:23

Adding Value Through Investing Weekly


Our School Year is split into Two Semesters: First Semester Begins Sept 21st  - December 14th.

We will have holiday break then return Wednesday February 1st  - May 3rd for the second semester.

We meet Thursday Mornings from 9:00am-12:00pm In Matteson.(Right off of 57 on Vollmer Rd.)
Sports for The Fall Semester are Archery, Soccer & Volleyball (4 weeks each)
Sports for Spring Session are Basketball, Golf, Floor Hockey and PPF (3 weeks each)

Each Semester ends with a School Party

**New this year: Location, Day and Fees have been discounted!**

Current School Year 17/18 Celebrating 30 years!

We are blessed to say in 2001, we partnered with a local printing company and graphic designer to help us publish our first spiral bound yearbook. Ever since then, with the help of dedicated yearbook teachers and students, we have printed a full 70-90 page yearbook each year. Photos for the book are taken by our students weekly and each page is designed by the students. Below are just a few snapshots of pictures our students have taken during the past several school years.


est. 1988