(Q) How can we Join the Membership?

(A) To help answer all questions, give tours and review our bylaws and code of conduct, we require all families to sign up and attend a Meet & Greet in The Summer/Winter or schedule a visit in advance with one of our Board members. Once the Meet & Greet is complete or a Visit has been done, Perspective members are able to sign up as long as there is spots open for that Semester/School Year.

(Q) How do I sign up for a Meet & Greet? OR set up a Visit?

(A) By filling out our contact form on our "Contact Us" page. Once submitted the form is sent to our Board of Directors and they will be in contact with families to set up a visit or to have them sign up for a Meet & Greet. To see Meet & Greet Dates in Summer & Winter, visit our Facebook Page or Check out our Google Calendar on the "Events" Page.

(Q) Is there a Deadline for signing up?

(A) Spaces are available at a first come first serve basis. Our Goal is to have all our membership registration for the Fall and Spring Semesters completed 2 weeks or more prior to start date to get all name tags, rosters and class supplies ready. Once the Semester has started we will open up a couple of dates for those interested in joining to come and visit while our group meets. To set up a visit please contact us. For members who join after the start/midway into the semester we do offer a prorated membership fee.

(Q) Is there a Fee to join the membership?

(A) Yes. Our Group is a 501C3 (Non for profit) Our Board of Directors, Alumni and parents take time out of their busy schedules and do all that is needed for the group without compensation. Our Fees go directly towards the rent for host site and storage of equipment, expense for sports, classes and outside instructors. etc We do not post our Fee Schedule Online as there is multiple variables each year that can change the Fees. Thankfully having moved from our past site to our New Host site we have been able to lower our costs and fees across the board to keep it affordable for our Families. 

(Q)Do we have to fundraise?

(A) To keep fees low we offer a variety of fundraisers to help towards the costs of running the Gym group and the Membership fees. No one is required to fundraise, however there is opt. out options available.

(Q) When is the Golf Team Camp?

(A) Our Summer Golf Camp is held every year in June at Deer Creek Golf Club for 2-4 weeks.. To sign up keep an eye out for our Liberty Jr. Golf Team Facebook Page or our Golf Team Tab Above. When Registration is open we will have a registration form to fill out.

(Q) Do you have to be homeschooled to be in golf team?

(A) No. We run a Community based golf team open to all students 8-16 years of age. Students do not have to be homeschooled or be an alumni to be apart. Any student is welcome to join us. Spots are limited.

 Field Trips/Events:

(Q) Do you have to be a member to attend Field Trips or Events?

(A) We offer some field trips for Members only and some we open up to the homeschool community. Keep an eye out for our Facebook posts regarding field trips and who can attend.

(Q) Is there a fee for Field Trips?

(A) Unless sponsored, all Field trips will have a small fee. We try to keep all trips budget friendly and try to get the best discount possible. Some Field Trips may be a full Stem Class which requires registration in advance and fees must be paid at sign up.

 Golf Team:

 Visiting/Joining Membership:

 About Group:



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(Q) Is this a drop off group or do parents/ guardians need to be in attendance?

(A) We are a Co-operative group, Ran by Parent volunteers/alumni. We are all hands on deck with a rotating schedule when it comes to Set up, Clean up, Teaching, Fundraisers, Field Trips, Meet ups Etc.

So all parents/guardians must attend with students.

(Q) What Ages/Grades Can attend?

(A) K-12th, Ages range from 5-19. Our Sports and classes however are split up for students by Age & Skill Level. We do have a nursery at the host site for siblings of those K-12th. We do not have a Pre-K Program in place, so parents volunteer to bring crafts and snacks for students in that age group to hangout and play while their older siblings participate.

(Q) Do we have to attend all Semester or can we choose what sports and classes we want to sign up for?

(A) Our School year is broke down into 2 semesters with 12 weeks each. You may sign up for one semester or both, however we do not have pick and choose months or classes, for the good of the group families must sign up for a semester, not by month/class/sport.

(Q) Does our family have to be apart of a church to attend?

(A)We are a Faith Based Homeschool Gym Group, However we do not require families to be in attendance at host church or any other churches to be apart of our group. We do not discriminate and allow all families to attend regardless of religion, race or affiliations. We do however ask all families registering to sign our bylaws and code of conduct as wrote by our founders. We start off every week opening in Prayer and Giving our day to the Lord.

(Q)Do you offer any IEP programs or sports sessions for students?

(A) Our classes and sports currently do not offer IEP lessons or sports sessions. If you have any questions regarding our classes and sports outlines feel free to contact us. 

(Q) Who Teaches the Co-ops/Sports Classes.

(A)  Our Classes are taught mostly by the Parents, Alumni, Grandparents, Or Board Members. Our Sports are taught by Alumni and Parents.